Rx2Go is an easy-to-use refill application and promotes patient prescription compliance with a unique patient profile view. Prescriptions submitted from this app go directly into the pharmacy’s refill queue for quick and easy processing.

Ritter Express Pharmacy refills 2 go

Since 1972, the Ritter Family goal has been to provide quality healthcare at discount prices. We take pride in our personal relationships with our patients and providing individualized care. If you are looking for an all-inclusive, innovative pharmacy you can trust, stop by or give us a call.

Lake Country Medical Equipment is an extension of Ritter Express Pharmacy and located within the same building. Our medical team has over 25 years of experience with helping patients and thier doctor pick out the right equipment to meet their individual needs. We are committed to ensuring that people live more productive lives by providing home medical equipment with prompt, professional service. A toll-free number is available for patients to call and receive service 24 hours a day.

Ask About:

  • Specialty Compounding

  • HomeInfusion Therapy

  • Cholesterol Monitoring

  • Health Screenings

  • Disease State Management

We can help by:

  • Answering insurance and medical questions

  • Providing equipment training to patient and family

  • Providing continuing educational support

  • Negotiating with your insurance on your behalf

  • Providing personal health guidance

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